Seminar第2451讲 大控制数的竞赛图

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报告题目 (Title):Tournament with large domination number (大控制数的竞赛图)

报告人 (Speaker):吴河辉 副教授(复旦大学 上海数学中心)

报告时间 (Time):2023年9月15日 (周五) 10:30

报告地点 (Place):校本部E408


报告摘要:A famous conjecture of Erdos and Hajnal is equivenent to say that if a tournament has no acyclic set with size nϵ, then it contains all tournament H with small size as a subtournament . We study the analogous problem on tournaments with large domination number. A tournament H is called rebel if there exists a constant t(H), such that any tournament with domination number at least t(H) contains H as a subtournament. We will show a family of tournaments are rebels. It is joint work with Simiao Liu.

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