Seminar第2449讲 韩猜想的粘合方法

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报告题目 (Title):A recollement approach to Han's conjecture(韩猜想的粘合方法)

报告人 (Speaker): 周国栋 教授(华东师范大学)

报告时间 (Time):2023年9月15日(周五) 10:00

报告地点 (Place):校本部F309


报告摘要: A celebrated conjecture due to Yang Han says that if the Hochschild homology groups of a finite dimensional algebra vanish for sufficiently large degrees, then this algebra is of finite global dimension. We reduce this conjecture to derived 2-simple algebras. We also present some improvements of recent recent results of Cibils et al..This is a joint work in progress with Xiaoxiao Xu and Jinbi Zhang.

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