Seminar第2346讲 奇异 Caldern--Zygmund 算子

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报告题目 (Title):奇异 Caldern--Zygmund 算子

报告人 (Speaker):李康伟 教授(天津大学)

报告时间 (Time):2023年3月20日(周一) 14:00-15:00

报告地点 (Place):上海大学宝山校区 F309

邀请人(Inviter):赵发友 教授

报告摘要(abstract):In this talk, I will introduce a class of singular integral operators with kernels that are more singular than standard Caldern--Zygmund kernels, but less singular than bi-parameter product Caldern--Zygmund kernels. These kernels arise as restrictions to two dimensions of certain three-dimensional kernels adapted to so-called Zygmund dilations, which is part of our motivation for studying these objects. We show that such kernels can, in many ways, be seen as part of the extended realm of standard kernels by proving that they satisfy both a theorem and commutator estimates in a form reminiscent of the corresponding results for standard Caldern--Zygmund kernels.

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