Shanghai University

GTCO 2011 - Workshop on Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization

Department of Mathematics

Shanghai University

October 29-31, 2011


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The Department of Mathematics (Shanghai University) and the Shanghai Operations Research Society will organise a 3-day workshop on Graph Theory and Combinatorial Optimization (GTCO 2011) during October 29-31, 2011.  The scope of this workshop will include (but not limited to) the following broad topics:

We cordially invite you to attend the talks in this workshop.

Plenary Speakers

Beifang Chen, HongKong University of Science and Technology, Hong Kong
Dingzhu Du, The University of Texas at Dallas, USA
Zhicheng Gao, Carleton University, Canada
Nick Wormald, University of Waterloo, Canada
Sanming Zhou, University of Melbourne, Australia
Xuding Zhu, Zhejiang Normal University, China

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The language of the workshop will be English.

Directions to the Baoshan campus of Shanghai University:

The Baoshan campus is at the northern end of Line 7 of Shanghai Metro (subway).  See, or Smart Shanghai metro map.  Get down at the Shanghai University metro station - you will find the North gate of the campus as soon as you leave the metro station.

The campus hotel (Le-Hu building) is just a 2-minute walk from the metro station and the campus North gate.  The address of the North gate (if you take a taxi) is 848, Jin-Qiu Road, Baoshan district (Shanghai).

From PuDong (PVG) airport, you can catch the Airport Shuttle Bus (Line 2) to Jing-An Temple.  From Jing-An Temple, catch the Line-7 underground metro to the Shanghai University station.

From Hong-qiao airport, catch the Line 2 metro (subway) to Jing-An Temple, then switch to Line 7 metro, which will bring you to Shanghai University.

The office of the Department of Mathematics is located in the F building, in Room F-415.  The location of the talks will be announced soon.

Click here for the GTCO announcement:  English version  Chinese version

Workshop Organising Committee:

Qingwen Wang (Chair)
Liying Kang (Co-Chair)
Yanqin Bai
Xiaomei Jia
Prabhu Manyem
ErFang Shan
Wenhuan Wang
Yongjian Yang
Xiying Yuan
Weiya Zhong
Xiwen Lu, Shanghai Operational Research Society
Zhaohui Liu, Shanghai Operational Research Society

Contact Emails:

Liying Kang: lykang at
Prabhu Manyem: prabhu.manyem at
Xiying Yuan: xiyingyuan at

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