Shu Banxi Lake

  International Research Center on Tensor and Matrix Theory of Shanghai University (IRCTMTSU)is established, which aims at improving the academic level of Mathematics Department of Shanghai University on tensor and matrix theory and encouraging more excellent young researchers and students to involve the related brilliant research. Professor Liqun Qi is the Academic Director of the IRCTMTSU.

  2016 International Workshop on Tensor and Matrix with Applications will be held on May 19, 2016 in Shanghai University, Shanghai, China. One session of this academic activity is to share the latest achievements and exchange new ideas in tensor theory and its applications by several plenary talks. Another session is the Inaugural Ceremony of the IRCTMTSU.

Organized by

  Department of Mathematics, Shanghai University

Supported by

  The First-class Shanghai Discipline —— Mathematics

  Gaoyuan Discipline of Shanghai —— Mathematics