14th Conference of
the International Linear Algebra Society

Department of Mathematics, Shanghai University
Shanghai, P.R.China
July 16-20, 2007

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You are kindly invited to attend the 14th Conference of the International Linear Algebra Society(ILAS),which will be held at Shanghai University, Shanghai, China,from July 16th to 20th, 2007.


All aspects of linear algebra, matrix theory and its applications.

Contributed Talks

Participants wishing to give a contributed talk should send at most one page giving title, author(s) and affiliation, and abstract (in English) by April 30, 2007. For details see the conference webpage http://math.shu.edu.cn/ILAS07/ . Notification of acceptance of a paper for presentation at the conference will be given by June 1, 2007. There will be a peer-refereed special issue of the journal Linear Algebra and its Applications devoted to the conference. Special editors are Ilse Ipsen, Julio Moro, Peter Semrl, Jiayu Shao, and Pei Yuan Wu. More information will be provided at the conference.

Keynote speaker

  • M. Bresar (Slovenia)
  • M.D. Choi (Canada)
  • D. Farenick (Canada)
  • Eric Kaltofen (USA)
  • Plamen Koev (USA)
  • Amy Langville (USA)
  • Wenwei Lin (Taiwan,China)
  • Michael Ng (Hong Kong,China)
  • Andre Ran (The Netherlands)
  • Zhongci Shi (Beijing, China)
  • Yaokun Wu (Shanghai, China)
  • Shufang Xu (Beijing, China)

Note the Deadlines

Registration and abstract paper submission: April 30, 2007


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