14th Conference of
the International Linear Algebra Society

Department of Mathematics, Shanghai University
Shanghai, P.R.China
July 16-20, 2007


Shanghai is located in the east of China. You can find some information about the city and the university:

To Get Shanghai city

By plane to Pudong airport or HongQiao airport.
By train to Shanghai RailWay Satation.

To Get Around

Airport <---> Shanghai University

There are no direct transportation from airport to shanghai university , so we suggest using Taxi go to shanghai university.

Or firstly by Bus Route airport 5 from Pudong airport to RailWay Station or by Bus Route 946 from HongQiao airport to RailWay Station.

RailWay Station <---> Shanghai University

Bus Route 58: RailWay Station(HengFen Road) <----> terminus (Jingqiu Road, South Door of shanghai university)
Bus Route 767B: RailWay Station(HengFen Road) <---->Shanghai University(Shangda Road, North Door of shanghai university) or terminus (Jingqiu Road)


Taxis are plentiful in shanghai, charging RMB 2.1 per km, with a minimum charge of RMB 11. There are also inexpensive pedicabs for city tours.



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